is a local San Diego company committed to improving the health and well-being of those who struggle with untreated and unaddressed addictive behaviors.  Our staff is knowledgeable, skilled, and qualified.  We primarily work with adolescent youth and young adults (14-28 years old) and their families in order to prevent behavioral health related issues from devastating those living with addiction and causing undue pain for their loved ones.  We will walk with you and your loved ones through any behavioral health addiction related issue.  You can come to our office or we can come to you.  We have easy payment solutions and offer sliding fee scales to those who qualify.  For assistance, make an appointment today.

Refined Transitions

Family Services

We understand that living with or living around someone who lives with addiction can be challenging.  We provide family services so that you do not have to go at it alone.  We provide family counseling with recovery guidance, education and skills.  Also, we provide information and guidance on how to get support in recovery.

Recovery Mentoring

When it comes to recovering from addiction, we understand that it is an ongoing process with many rewards and many challenges.  We provide mentoring and coaching services 7 days a week to adolescent youth and young adults (14-28 years old) who need guidance, role modeling, and social support through the early stages of recovery.  After the early stages of recovery, we offer follow up opportunities called "Tune ups" to promote recovery maintenance and to provide additional assistance as needed.

Intervention Services

When it comes to interrupting the addiction cycle, we understand that the process can be unsure and risky.  We strive to prompt motivation for recovery and ensure the safety of all involved.  We use a 5 Step Intervention Process:

Step 1- Interviews & Assessment

Step 2- Planning & Practice

Step 3- Intervention

Step 4- Begin Recovery & Treatment

Step 5- Follow Up & Recovery


Substance Abuse Assessments

We provide Bio-Psycho-Social Substance Use Disorder assessments with an in depth analysis of what happened and what can be done.  We can provide the results to the person using substances, to employers, to school or college administrators, to judicial representatives or family members (Upon request and release of information).

Consultation Services

We consult with community members, family members, specialists, professionals, treatment programs, agencies, etc... around improving a community's health and well-being by reducing the negative impact that unaddressed and untreated addiction(s) can have.

Educational Discussions

We provide educational discussions on addiction treatment and recovery.  Our workshops are interactive, thought provoking and informative.  Please email us for more information.

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